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Camping Cabins

Glamping Cabins - Alternative uses

Alternative Uses

Whilst Country Cabins have been designed and built to provide a secure and cosy home from home, they can also be employed for a whole host of other uses:

camping cabin alternative uses



Home Office
Space to work, rest and play with abundant natural light.  You'll be productive and comfortable inside a properly insulated and well ventilated building.  And when the day is done you can leave your Country Cabin safe in the knowledge that your work is locked securely away.


For smaller groups (up to 9) Country Cabins can provide a stimulating additional indoor space that can complement an outdoor area or provide a multi-use lockable building for a forest school.

Garden Room
Too many of us stay out of our gardens when the sun's not shinning, wouldn't it be good to watch your garden grow from the comfort of a cabin?  A place to quietly read, relax or party without disturbing the family.

Granny Annexe/Spare Room
A typical home extension is likely to cost twice as much as a Country Cabin for the same floor area.  Country Cabins are also built in less than a day without the aggravation of having your home turned upside down by builders.  You are then free to use your cabin as a spare room, games room, teenagers den or private study and if you decide to move house, unlike an extension you can take it with you.


Temporary Housing
An instant solution if you need to provide short term accommodation for events crews, construction workers or sports teams. Country Cabins can be purchased outright or leased for the duration of your project and by using our off-grid power and sanitation solutions they can be positioned in virtually any location.


camping pods and cabins

Architect Inamoto Tadashi's proposal following the Fukushima disaster


camping cabin site office


Site Office
Construction project managers often need a warm, secure and dry base from which to orchestrate works.  With space for up to three desks a Country Cabin can provide an attractive alternative to the grey temporary huts that so often adorn construction sites.  Especially suited to sites where a positive environmental appearance is important.